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Hello everyone, my name is Lisa Lipsey and I am the Community Relations Manager leading Intergenerational Programs here at Sunshine Care Homes. Today is the first day of the Generations United International Conference in Washington D.C.  In just a few minutes I will be heading for Union Station to start the off-site trip to Richmond, Virginia. Today we’ll take a look at three renowned IG programs and tour their sites.  I am especially excited to see the model that is a shared-site adult day care and child care. Sunshine Care has wonderful weekly and monthly IG programs. I am curious how relationships develop and what outcomes or challenges are faced with a daily program.

If you would like to learn more about the term intergenerational and the work being done in this field, please visit You can also learn more about the work Sunshine Care is doing with the Great Friendship Link! by visiting our website. We’re “Bringing Great Grandparents and Great Kids Together”. Check out videos and pictures here: Sunshine Care is a Generations United 2012 -2014 “Program of Distinction” award winner.

Each month I’ll be posting some ideas on how you can improve the lives of older adults through Intergenerational efforts. Be sure to leave comments and questions and I’ll get back to you or you can e-mail me at

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