More about the POLST


How is the POLST form used?


A nurse, social worker or your doctor completes the form making sure the treatments are what you want. The doctor signs the orders, making them official immediately. The orders are kept near you at all times, usually on your refrigerator or by your bed if you are home or in your medical chart, if you are in a care facility. The form is then easily found in emergencies. The POLST form will remain with you if you are transported between care settings (from home to hospital or from hospital to an assisted living facility.)


What might happen to me if I do not have a POLST form?


Without a POLST form, emergency medical personnel, nurses and doctors would not know your treatment wishes. You most likely would receive all possible treatments, whether you want them or not, even if they are unlikely to achieve the result you would hope for, and even if these treatments cause pain or complications. Thinking through treatment choices with your family and doctor before a problem occurs can guide and provide the kind of care you want during difficult times.

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